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Rohit (Devanagari) is a proper noun and a common first name given to males.

The name 'Rohit' or "Ruhid" is believed to signify a person who leads to the growth and development of his family. It is widely used in the Hindi films.

The word Rohit is the colour red. It's exact etymology is unknown; the two main theories are:

It is derived from a Sanskrit word, meaning the "first rays of the sun".
It is derived from the Sanskrit word Rohitah] meaning "a red coloured deer". The god Brahma once took this form in Hindu mythology.
Rohit is also one of the names of the Hindu God Vishnu. It appears in the Vishnu Sahasranaam ("1000 names of Vishnu").
It signifies a person who comes for some important work. It signify incarnation.

Rohit shares roots with Spanish where Rojo (pronounced Roho) also means the color red.

thats Rohit, right there
by who_dat March 05, 2007
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The bestest friend anyone could ever ask for, always makes me feel my best.
Rohit is the bestest friend I could ever ask for.
by CaraG May 23, 2008
Rohit is a fast talker, by that i mean he talks really fast, like the micro machine guy from back in the day. He is handsome, he knows it, but he is always flattered when someone notices. He has a kind heart, and is family oriented. He has big dreams, but isnt sure how he can make them come true. He is dutiful and will never put his own thoughts and feelings before his loved ones. He can be insecure at times, but only because he is scared to get hurt. He is fun and playful, but has a serious side. He likes to keep his circle tight and small, he is picky about who he trusts, and isnt fond of large circles. He is introverted and likes to write and listen to music in his own world. He loves sports and video games. he is a great person who will be the best friend you ever had once you crack his hard outer shell. Rohits are the best! they even teach you how to roll chapati dough balls!!!!
thats my best friend rohit! isnt he cute?
by lolobobolo July 07, 2011
A name used to describe an incredibly sexy indian man.
Look at him! Oh wow, what a Rohit!
by Rohitfannumber1 December 03, 2012
One of the sexiest Indians alive, in fact, he is the sexiest Indian alive. He's beautiful inside and out
Rohit's so sexy, I can't even.
by Swaqswaq200 December 03, 2012
Ancient Sanskrit for "Better Pleasure." The God Rohit is the embodiment good looks, personality and a rather well endowed member. Men with this name are manly beyond belief and will please any and all women in bed.
"I slept with Rohit last night"
"How was it?"
"I still can't sit down"
"Is he free tonight?"
by Bahe1991 April 12, 2014
An amazing sex-god who has a jaw so sharp you feel guilty to even look at it, eyes so deep that you can just drown in it and lips as pink and soft as rose buds. However, you have to get past his good looks because his heart is as hard as stone. He is a lying, cheating, pooping pig who keeps a collection of broken hearts to strengthen his ego. Girls fall helplessly for his masculinity and smooth talks but she will never know about his ugly soul until he dumps her for another poor girl.

He will claim that you are his one and only love but do not be fooled as he probably tells the same to dozens of other girls at the same time. The safest thing to do when encountered by this type of creature is to back away. If nothing else works a hit in the head with a stiletto would do the job.
Tammy: hey! i think this guy is interested in me!
Sam: who's the lucky dude?
Tammy: its this guy named rohit...
Sam: hell no! gurrl he's a lyin' cheatin' goddam bastard dont waste ur time on him!
by SumbodyYewHurt April 07, 2014

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