In World of Warcraft, a sneaky little bugger that wears leather armour, and attacks with pointy things to do a lot of damage in a little amount of time. Commonly mispelled "rouge".

"It's ROGUE you fucking moron. Damn."
by Hadranos September 05, 2006
A vicious and solitary animal.
OMG, dont mess with rogue... hes greater than all
by JimBob March 19, 2003
A class playable in World of Warcraft that takes very little skill and can pretty much kill any other class. If you cannot kill a class that has about the same gear as you, you probably suck at the game. They are the most overpowered class in the game.
A rogue is gay.
by Jackon5 February 06, 2010
To go wild, party and be drunk.
>Lookin' forward to the party on Sat?
>Yeah man, we're gonna go rogue.
by Mickos June 23, 2005
To steal or pernamently take something from someone.
Joe: "Holy shit someone just rogued my house!"
by Francesco St.Clair July 11, 2005
v. to steal. white trash slang.
"I'm glad to see you boys have money. But if ye've beena roguein' I'ma havta turn agin ye"
by jim June 24, 2003
a world of warcraft class
gettin buffed in next patch dont invite them in partys they ninja alot
player 1 : yo a rogue just ambush me 1500 then backstab me 1000
player 2 : ye nerf rogues
by Thomas tommy toman August 16, 2006
rogue is a strong woman who doesn't take shit from anyone and still knows how to make her Man smile.
that girl is a rogue slut
by Anon March 19, 2005

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