The transformation of a cute little girl into a fully grown man.
Dude, that chick just pulled off a Rogie.
by Someone Else May 21, 2003
Top Definition
a person who is thrown on the streets by his mum because she cant deal with him.

he spends his day wandering around asking people for 50p which he will put into fruit machines.

likely to find him trying to get the £1 coin put into shopping trolleys by old people.
Likely to come into a pub looking for jona so he can bum money from him.
fuck off will you rogie i aint got 50p for you
by disco daves despo old bird February 28, 2010
Smoking a joint
"Me and John smoked a rogie last night"
by xx_ultimite:slayer:110_xx June 10, 2016
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