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-comprises of the characters Tom and Roger. By day, they are ordinary citizens, but by night, they become one person who is an awesome holy force called Rogeto.
-Rogeto are dictators, and basically rule the earth in their own mind.
-They believe that they have control over every person on the earth and don't even refer to them on the same level that they are on.
-Ordinary people are called Earthenwares.
-Rogeto are fashion designers, a rock band, and volunteer fire fighters too.
-They have read every book in existence.
-They will not lend you any books though.

If you act like Rogeto, people might say you have a Rogeto complex.

If everyone worships you all of a sudden, you might say you feel like Rogeto.

If you do something excellent, like recieve a Badge of Merit, you could say, " I've pulled a Rogeto."
Ted: I'm super famicom fab.
Bill: Not as fab as Rogeto though.


Lars: Free shark mitties for everyone!
Tim: Fucking Rogeto!


Tom: I feel like a God.
Roger: That's because we are one. We're Rogeto, remember?
Tom: Yes. Now I do.


Sally: I am doing a report, and I need to read a book.
Linus: Rogeto has read all the books in the world.


Sally: May I borrow one of your books?
Rogeto: You may not.

by Limjim Jimberjam March 01, 2006
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