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An upgrade from the original word "rofl", which means "Rolling on the floor laughing". Has been first upgraded with the extension "zor", which is a suffix from the leet language, making "roflzor".
"Roflzorusness", with the help of the suffix "ness", is a much more stronger "rofl", a UBER "rofl". The one you use when you're out of your words.
When you see a video on youtube of two stupid 13 years old girls singing some Britney. You then state ROFLZORUSNESS.

When you PWN a nub on dota and that he instantantly leaves because you're too leet for him. "ROFLZORUSNESS what a nublet".

When you just said something to someone that made him in a "Pwned" state, you then say ROFLZORUSNESS.
by Dodsferd March 27, 2009
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