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Rolling on the Floor Yet Somehow Still Typing, originated by British comedian Bill Bailey to highlight the logical inaccuracy of modern internet abbreviations, and for a bit of a laugh.
Man1 - Did you hear about <funny topic>?
Man2 - That's Hilarious, ROFLYSST!
by Urban Definitions ltd. October 11, 2010
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Rolling On Floor Laughing Yet Somehow Still Typing
<somedude> hey look at this really funny link
<anotherguy> roflysst
by -HP- January 13, 2010
Abbrev. Rolling on the floor laughing, yet somehow still typing.
Bill Bailey on the Graham Norton Show: I want to come up with a new shorthand - roflysst: rolling on the floor laughing, yet somehow still typing.
by Another anonymous person. November 17, 2010
Rolling on the floor laughing yet somehow still typing
He was roflyssting after he heard that online joke
by Puffy Pengwin ._. May 24, 2011

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