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Rofltastic: something that is rofl funny.
PersonA: So, What did you do last night?
PersonB: I watched that new comedy, it was rofltastic
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by Mattyspatty December 10, 2007
Something that is pleasing in a greatly amusing manner. Derives from the word fantastic, meaning fantasy-like, only to exist in dreams or the imagination, and the accronym ROFL, which stands for Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
person 1: Say, Pete, did you see that there's a banana hammock sale going on at the Salvation Army?
person 2: Rofltastic!

person 1: That n00b Olly went out with a transvestite he met online!
person 2: Rofltastic!
#rofl #roflcopter #roflmao #rofllmgao #fantastic
by Jackford January 30, 2007
Basically, roflcopter, except with "tastic" instead of "copter". the "tastic" doesn't really mean anything, but it has been translated before as an acronym for "tactical assault squad turtles in corporated." the "in corporated" is used in two seperate words, since "incorporated" would only be used for the "i"
Legolewinsky: Did you see that episode of "South Park"
Bouchey: Yeah, it was rofltastic!
#roflcopter #rofltastic #lollerskates #roflcakes #lmaoplane
by Legolewinsky November 25, 2007
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