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metaphor; for one to feel the experience of the sensation to beat up a hobo using a jew stick while laughing on the floor, 20x`s better than roflcopter.
fuck your roflcopter i got my rofltick
i feel like roflsticking right now
by lilrakus23 December 20, 2009
11 1
Just another word on the end of rofl which may actually mean something in "leet speak"
"roflstick, that guy got owned"
"Let me slap you with my roflstick"
by Mattish April 27, 2006
2 3
From the famous ROFL (Roll on Floor Laughing) and SIX that Asian people use (rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl); as stick being a misunderstanding from the word six.
Bahaha! That's so funny ROFL STICKS!
by Morgane June 18, 2008
2 6