When you own someone, screaming this is a chant of victory
My roflcopter goes soi soi soi.
by sfgnklasng April 27, 2008
During sex when the female is on top facing up and the male beneath, the female will proceed to throw a temper tantrum with her arms and legs flailing wildy while yelling, "Je vais le bonbon!" very loudly
"This one chick decided to roflcopter on me and I was so confused like a sheep because I didn't know what was going on."
by e-wang February 21, 2008
This Flash game started the next age of the Roflcopter saga by encouraging the development of other ASCII art animations based off of popular Internet slang. In this game (based on the Choplifter genre), one is an Elite ROFLER, manning the ROFLCOPTER, using WASD to maneuver it and the mouse to fire an unlimited supply of bullets shot from the ROFLING gun inside the Roflcopter at the enemy LOLLERskaters (ground units) and LMAOplanes (air units)
ROFL mewans rolling on the floor laughing
Bob:chris wet hes bed
by TysÖn March 26, 2007
Originally, roflcopter was just a phrase used by a select group of people with little or no meaning. Eventually, it was adapted by others to mean "Rolling on the floor laughing, sucking Julian's dick." This eventually changed to its present meaning where it is defined as basically anything sexual between two or more people, especially blowjobs or shower/locker room/gay sex.
Hey Joey, what were u doing in the locker room with Soko?

Oh, I was just roflcoptering with him. Sorry we're late for swim practice. What'd you guys do in the meantime?

Yeah, we also got a quick roflcopter in.

That's gay.

I know.
by lalayak June 05, 2010
A fucking roflcopter, what do you think?
by Zach T Wilhelm January 29, 2009
roflcopter= a hystarical laughing helicopter, it is commonly yellow and incredibly annoying. It travels the world spreading joy to chatroom nerds everywhere
I just saw the roflcopter it spread joy to me, yay
by mr.mandudemaybewomantypething October 08, 2008
Rolling on the floor laughing while in a helicopter
Pilot: im flying a helicopter
by Peter nd Kieran November 30, 2007

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