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the pwnage way to say omg. if ure a loser. or really hardcore...
Farchy: hey Owen, i roflcoptered ure mom last night... again

Owen: zomgXx\strikethrough! enough is enough Farchy!

Farchy: Thats what she said!
by Farchy November 21, 2007
to pleasure a women's nether-regions by rotating the 5 fingers on ure right hand in a tickling like motion while blowing a steady stream of air and flapping ure left hand through the air stream to create a copter sound. try it sometime...
Farchy: i roflcoptered tu madre (ure mom) last night for hours man!

Owen: awwww, Farchy, U suck!

Farchy: Tu Madre!

Owen: DOH!
by Farchy November 21, 2007

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