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A member of the armed forces that ensures laughter is used wisely and when appropriate. These brave men and women battle tirelessly against the spawn of Lolski and Trolldin (mentioned in Encyclopedia Dramatica) and anyone who would deny laughter being brought to little girls and boys.
Roflcops often fly Roflcopters to track down forum trolls, bigots or other diabolical threats.
The Roflforce is known to be allied with the carepolice.
Guy: No moar! Plz! it not funny anymoar!
Troll: Why did the chicken cross the road?

<...............___@@@ ___
......____//_____?___\\__ ___
----,o-----Roflcops :DD -----@)
----`----(@)=========(@)- `
by Timolas November 13, 2007
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