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Obviously these are pwncakes made with roflberries.

Commonly served to someone after they have been pwned, with a side dish of stfunewb.
*** gamer1 headshots gamer2 with p228***

gamer1: roflberry pwncakes
by bryan18 August 18, 2005
The most delicious and hilarious way to get PWND!
Person 1: Dude, I slept with your sister...
Person 2: Wow, that was some good roflberry pwncakes right there...
by SpyD3R May 24, 2006
a cake of absolute awesomeness. So good that it's been said that it's equivalent to an orgasm in you're mouth.
Mm mm... this pwn cake is full of rofl berries. Oh, this must be a rofl berry pwn cake
by AlbinoDuki October 03, 2008
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