1. A profane and useless term. Its literal definition is "anus of chimp".
2. Used mainly to annoy people on forums, however it can also be used as a spiffy can-opener.
1. The monkey's anus was a ROFFLE.
2. I used a ROFFLE to open the gravy.
by Stilleas February 08, 2004
A rare but fun sexual favor in which one person sits on a waffle iron (on or off depending on preference) long enough to get waffle marks on their ass cheeks. After this anywhere from one to five guys beat off on the person's "waffle ass", making what looks like an ass waffle with jizz syrup. Hence, the roffle.
Matt is happy because his girlfriend's flabby ass is perfect for the roffle.
by Helman May 03, 2005

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