rolling on the floor laughing.....
take off of rofl
some random:did u see summer hights high last night?
person 2: yeah ROFFLE!!
by $$$MIKEY42$$$ November 05, 2007
A "Roffle" is an extremely violent belly-rub that is used to put someone in their place, and humiliate them. People subjected to the roffle experience such symptoms as tightening of the abs, shortness of breath, and the feeling of being violated.

The term "roffle" originated from the internet slang "ROFL" (Rolling On the Floor Laughing). The objectives are similar, but the "roffle-er" must get in the appropriate position, and make an open palm, as to belly-rub.

From there, you may choose to lift the shirt or not, and then close in swiftly on the target "roffle-ee", making strong, violent belly-rub motions along the abdominal parts of the target. This will give the target a mixed sensation of being fiercely tickled to the point of not breathing, and a serious abdominal muscle workout.

If the "roffle" was executed well, the target "Roffle-ee" should have feelings of humiliation and defeat, whilst being drained of energy to retaliate.

Get friends in on it too! A "gang-roffle" is the best, safest, and cleanest way to get annoying friends, pets, or family members to shut their mouths and stop being annoying.
"Who's ready for a roffle?"

"Wow, we roffled the shit out of him..."

"Sorry, I can't get up, Pete, Mike, and Max gave me a good Rofflin'."
by monstaMike July 25, 2008
A trademark of "The International Rofflehouse".
Steven was sued for the use of the term roffles by The International Rofflehouse.
by Revrant August 11, 2006
Definition: "Rolling on the floor laughing"

Origin: Roffle comes from the Internet word "ROFL"
Guy 1: I tried using "wang" as my password, but it said it was too short! >_<

Guy 2: Roffle my waffle!

Guy 3: Waffle status = roffled!
by Fanky September 22, 2004
Extended version of "rolling on the floor laughing". Used ironically to extend the short-form: rofl.
Roffles, Waffles, and Toast!
by Mark O'Sullivan January 04, 2008
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