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a term referring generally to sperm. This was most notably used by the popular band Tenacious D in their short-lived show on HBO.
Jables drank the magical rocket sauce in order to beat the demon.
by Philip J. April 24, 2004
A specialty sauce, usually harvested from the penis of humans, but the rarest and most expensive breeds of rocket sauce are harvested from only the finest reptiles.
Judy, may you please hand me the burmese python rocket sauce? My beef tenderloin is rather dry, and needs some hot reptilian saturation.
by coolguy16v May 29, 2003
The "fuel" that bands need to "ROCK OUT !" at a gig.
"Hey the crowd's pumping hope we brought plenty of rocket sauce with us tonight"
by acefrehley69 February 04, 2010
extremely hot, like the business end of a rocket.
so extremely hot sauce.

(also known as kyle)
"Have you seen Kyle? He's so rocketsauce."

"Wasabi is so rocketsauce."

by kaliente15 May 04, 2008
coming from the word "rocket" meaning rocket and "sauce" meaning sauce. Rocket Sauce can be refered to as 1) semen or simply 2) some freakin spicy ass hot sauce.
ex1: My rocket sauce covered up her entire face!

ex2: Man! Those wings are covered in some rocket sauce!
by RocketSauceMan January 28, 2010
A lot of cum shooting out of the tip of a penis fast. Hence the 'rocket' part.
Guy1: Dude, it wasn't regualr. It was like rocketsauce
by PandaExpert March 19, 2010
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