a song by Elton john

"and i think its gonna be along long time till touchdown brings me round 2 find im not the man they think i am at home IMA ROCKETMAN burning out my fuse here alone"
mars aint the kinda place 2 raise ur kdis... matter fact its cold as hell
by apugs August 07, 2004
Top Definition
An awesome song, written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, and performed by Elton John. It was also performed by William Shatner as a spoken-word interpretation. Shatner's performance has recieved a couple of parodies, the most famous probably being done by Stewie, in the cartoon Family Guy.
And I'm gonna be...... *puffs cigarette*... HIGH... as a kite..... by then.
by shill July 15, 2005
commonly known for getting messages in his inbox for m2m (man to man) action.
PM Rocketman for hawt m2m action!
by infernoooo May 11, 2006
When a person gets high by themselves for the sake of being high.
Dude last night I only had a little weed left so I just stayed home.
"You Stoner"
Na, I'm just a Rocket Man
by thechosenking August 05, 2009
Rocketman - verb; noun; Rocketman refers to taking a shit. Previously, a person with a great build up of poop inside the body has caused the person to prairie dog. When the build up becomes to great, one will run to the bathroom to take a poop. The pressure has become to large to hold in the terd and by the time the person pulls down their pants and turns to lay their ass cheeks on the seat, the shit is discharged with great velocity. This discharge is accompanied by a large fart of epic proportions, often thought to be the roar of a lion by surrounding people. The shit is not guaranteed to make it into the toilet. Upon completion of this act one will have fucking awesome feeling of accomplishment!
"I just rocketmanned the biggest shit ever!"
"My rocketman just missed the toilet!"
"I just rocketmanned on my sister!"
by dukefvr41 April 20, 2009
A cross dressing male who prefers K-9 penis in place of lip gloss. This practice is know to be a health hazard. The larger or more aggressive the K-9 the greater the health risk (i.e.- facial scars). This name was coined due to the fact that when a male K-9 becomes "excited" his penis will rocket out and become exposed allowing the man to apply it to his lips.
Donnie was caught doing the rocket man last night and will never be able to show is face again.
by Security915 July 05, 2012
a sexual act of "double-fisting" a female with two handfuls of "pop rocks" and releasing them inside of the vaginal canal.
man 1: Dude i totally rocket manned Cindy last night!

man 2: how did that work out?

man 1: her vagina is still fizzling and popping!!

man 2: awesome!
by chingadingaling April 28, 2009
that guy your mom tells you about when you're little. he's the one that makes you smile when you're upset over a blue waffle. his jokes seem endless. there is no happy day without his presence. he is talented in so many ways, only the best girl could keep up. he pokes fun at /b/tards and the new generation kids. he listens to classic oldies. he's the guy you take home to meet your family and friends. he has the coolest car. he is proud of everything he has, but is never ungrateful. he keeps his priorities in check. he is the guy that everyone approves of. he won't let you give him hickies, in attempt to remain socially acceptable. his favorite color is blue. he's amazing at the guitar. rocketman is the one guy you can call at any time and complain about all the stupid drama you have just to end up with a smile on your face. you'll always be able to trust him. he's simply, everything you'll ever want in a man. he'll take you to the moon if you let him.
danielle: hey rocketman, when are you going to take me to the moon?
nathan: when i rack up the courage, sweetheart.
by danielleabear September 06, 2010
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