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1-A fart-propelled dump. It makes the turd come out faster
2-Stuff relating to rockets
1-Dude, I just took a rocket shit. It came out so fast, my ass stil hurts!
2-What fell off the discovery?
I dunno, rocket shit.
by Incredible edible medicals September 06, 2005
the point where you fart and shit simultaniously; known to sometimes send the performer off the toilet
One time I had a rocketshit, and it sent me off the crapper.
by DaUsualSuspact July 30, 2009
A "Rocket Shit" is the type of shit you take when you're in a hurry. These shits are typically expelled from the anus in a fast and sometimes loud manner, hence the name: "Rocket Shit"
Oh man, after that Mexican food i rushed home and took a rocket shit, it was a photo-finish.
by JoexVirus November 13, 2007
a cheap car thats fast, and easy to obtain.

Mainly used to pick up people, and take them to parties (mostly girls)
"Oh shit did you see Brad in that rocket shit with like 5 chicks on the way to that sick party?"

"I'm getting a rocket shit for this weekend to drive the ladies."
by theemaann November 16, 2009
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