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A rock sock is a sock, usually oversize, that is filled with stones, and tied at the open end. The stone filled sock is then used to dish out severe beatings.
"I've got a rock sock waiting if he gives me anymore freaking lip."
by Greta-face January 21, 2006
A make shift wrist band, cut from an old sock, worn by guitar players to prevent rashes during prolonged periods of rocking.
Person 1: "Oh man after that show I had such bad wirst burn.."
Person 2: "You should have worn a rock sock!"
by sockrocker666 April 04, 2012
The teenage peeps, xplayman! and PresZidane, put the R in rock socking.

It is often use in things that rock socks.

They rock socks.

Kinda like the circle of life.

Think Algebra but more fun.

Sugar pies and honey bunches.
That song rock socks.

Lindsey Lohan rocks socks.

Global warming doesn't rock socks.
by xplayman! May 27, 2006
A sock used for post-masturbatory clean up. See also nut rag.
"Dude! Mike's rock sock was so crusty, I thought it was gonna walk away on it's own!"
by Big Daddy Wingnut December 08, 2007
to kick ass or "lay the smack down"
You better watch it punk, or I'll rock sock, your mama's cock!
by D'Shay March 07, 2003
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