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a Bright light skinned black female
maan i just pulled a fine ass yella bone
by skylar April 25, 2004
Shortened from "Rock my Socks"

Totally awesome.
Best thing ever.
Turns one on.
Makes one tremendously happy.
Response to good news.
Kicks ass.
That rocks socks!
You totally rock socks!
That rocks fucking socks dude!
The party will definately rock socks!
by Skylar October 05, 2004
awp-whore; relating to Counter Strike, a very powerful sniper rifle. A person who uses an awp all the time. Like AUG whore word
CS_el nooberato: Man i gotta start h4xoring this awp-whore
by Skylar October 16, 2003
A social networking website that has tests, matchmaking, and general net socializing.
Go check out Tickle by eMode if you want to meet people on the internet.
by Skylar April 23, 2004
A person who rapes corpses.
Look at that grave it's been dug up. I bet it was a necrophilic.
by Skylar October 25, 2003
Term used in the earlier days meaning prostitute. They use the term "corner hop" because in some places you are able to see the prostitutes standing at a street corner and when you stop your car infront of them, they hop in.
"You can find a good corner hop in the back streets of Las Vegas."
by Skylar March 23, 2005
n. One who has passion for storms

n. slang: one who has odd behavior
syn. dork, nerd, freak, crazy, geek, crazy, dork
You are such a strom ferak!
by Skylar December 21, 2004
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