Starting off in the late 40's, through the combining of probably at most blues and jazz, Rock N Rooll was born with artists like Chuck Berry and Elvis, onward to Blues Style rock with Hendrix, Beatles and Cream, many peole agrued on who was best (Hendrix or Clapton) then came Art rock, which is like slow druggy music which involves David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Enter heavy metal which was started by Black Sabbath, foloowed by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and then Metallica. Along comes punk with bands liek Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Punk only lasted a few years. During the time when metal and punk were at war a 2 types of music came in pop rock and stadium rock pop rock:Led Zep, Stadium rock: The Police, neither of these were at war. Punk died and metal carried on for lil while more. Next up a band named Guns N Roses come up and added pop rock to metal and made a neew type of music. Durin that galm came along like Motley Crue, which too slowly died like punk. Next came some rebellious music and some of my faveourite type of music) grunge and alternative rock come along with Nirvana as probably the most popular and RATM, Pearl Jam, Black Flag and Soundgarden following closely. These showed messages of fighting against corparations, but not all the time. Nirvana never did stuff like that, they played some good a stuff. Now today there are two types at war Indy and Emo. With Indy which is popular with the general public and Trendies with bands like Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks, and Emo whcih is liked with people obviously called emos with bands like BFMV and MCR. But in the middle is progressvie rock with Muse in the middle. Who knows what will happen next...
Blues n Jazz 20's: Muddy Waters, Rock N Roll 40's: Chuck Berry, Blues Rock: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Art Rock 70's: Pink Floyd, Metal 70's: Black Sabbath, Punk 70's: Sex Pistols, Pop Rock 70's: Led Zeppelin, Stadium Rock 70's: Bon Jovi, Glam Metal 70's: KISS, Grunge 80's-90's: Rage Against The Machine, Indy 90's: Razorlight, Emo 00's: MCR, Progressive 90's-00's: Muse. Thats Rock Music.
by 0r3hr471ug December 27, 2007
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Music (normally) played with guitars bass and drums. A way to "stick it to the man"
You can't really say who started rock music, some people may argue it was Elvis others may say it was The Beatles. Its like that everlasting question, why did the chicken cross the road?
"And there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called rock 'n roll, but guess what, oh no, the Man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV!" - Jack Black, School Of Rock
by Edmund Townend May 29, 2005
Music in it's purest form. Played with real instruments. The only music everybody likes in one form or the other. Comes in a varity of types.

Types: Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
For Examples listen to the radio, or watch TV
by Andrew Hunniucutt March 28, 2004
Long ago there was a way skilled musicians could express themselves about a variety of topics. Often, once famous, rock stars would use drugs and alcohol. They, however, all had skills. Sadly, this culture was brutally murdered. The horrors of modern "music" killed the fuck out of the last of real music. With the death of rock, music finally died. It has long been believed by music fans that someday a band will rise to resurrect music. This band has not yet come. As of now the barren wasteland that is now the radio is dominated by horrible demons such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and other such total failures to create music.
Billy turns on a radio
...Let's play a love game...It's the best of both worlds...How can you be so heartleesss?....

OH shit! this sucks! I'm going to go listen to my AC/DC cd's, real rock music.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
Rock music is a form of music that is constantly evolving and has many different variants, though all rock music shares a few qualities,rock music is usually guitar driven with drums and bass providing the back-beat, and the singer providing the vocals, though instrumentals are quite common as well. Synthesizers,pianos and many other instruments are used as well but aren't considered staples of rock. The main genres of rock music are Metal,Punk,Blues,Hard rock,Soft rock and pop rock, which further divide into thousands of sub-genres. Rock originally became popular due to it's inherent rebelliousness and resistance to the Status Quo, though nowadays it is a mainstream form a music with many of it's most popular acts being controlled by companies and the mainstream.Rock is most likely the most important form of musical expression in the past 50 years, influencing social,political, and economical climates of all countries around the world.
Some of my favorite examples of rock music are Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC,The Jimi Hendrix experience, Nirvana,Black Sabbath,The Red Hot Chili Peppers,The Sex Pistols, and Bad Religion
by it'sSpin! October 28, 2007
Something that was ruined by Nickelback
Back in the day, rock music was actually talented. Examples: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Rush, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Pink Floyd etc.

This was until grunge took over, and since then all you needed to become a big rock star was to maintain a pulse.
by colossal_donut_666 March 29, 2010
Rock music is all played with real instruments. The musicians play from their hearts wildly. Rap music is only good if you like mediocrity and banality as a basis for music. It has the same message all the time: Hate, violence, drug crime, failed relationships. Its depressing and tedious. Drum & Bass is incoherent and completely free of appealing qualities.
A lot of rap and hip-hop is also computer-generated and uses a lot of synthesizers. the only band that used synthesizers and made it sound really good were The Who. Rock musicians really put the effort in and play with commitment.
to the user that said N'Sync was rock music, that is ridiculous to the point of beig offensive. N'Sync are an awful pop-poser group, and you let hip-hop and rap go to your head. Rock is about standing up to the establishment, so don't think you won't get comebacks to your stupid comments when you spread your fascist opinions like poison.
by BadLieutenant August 19, 2004
Rock Music is not a type of music, but a way of life. A passion. You can't like rock music, either you hate it or you love it.
Man, I love Rock Music

Man, I hate Rock Music
by ZRocka March 05, 2010
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