Slang for diamonds or bling bling . . . Also music that has guys screaming their lungs off . .
Yo that rock song sucked , but that chick had a big rock on her hand !
by Some nigga February 19, 2003
Rock is nothing but SCREAMING AND SUICIDE NOTES. only the most depressed, malnourished, social scum, would listen to it
all rock is about is SCREAMING AND YELLING, AND SUICIDE, AND DEPRESSION and it is the reason so many white kids commit suicide
Rock it's nothing but SCREAMING AND YELLING, AND SUICIDE, AND DEPRESSION and it is the reason so many white kids commit suicide only the most depressed, malnourished, social scum, would listen to it
by esco9099 October 13, 2007
A form of music that is mathematically less than hip-hop and IDM
Fuck. This shit sucks. Where my Anti-pop rekkids at?
by wekillsoapscum October 08, 2003
The worst music created in tha whole fukin' world. For white bitches, get sucked into it cuz its 4 whiteys. It contains many satanic messages, dat worship da fukin devil. 4 crackerZZ dat wear skin tight clothes, old hand-me-downs. Always mentally retarted, usually after listenin' to dat shit dey end up in tha crazy house. Listen to sumtin betta' like hip hop and reggaeton, dey have beats, rhythyms, style. Rap 'bout stuff dat really matters. Incorporate many music samples ranging from classical to salsa(especially in reggaeton). Face it putos rock wud be nutin witout drumz or guitar. HIP HOP & REGGAETON R REAL MUZIKK.
White boi- Im a retard so that means i have no choice i like rock music.

Better alternative-
Still D.R.E- Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg
Pobre Diabla-Don Omar feat. Pitbull
Baila Morena remix-Hector y Tito feat. Don Omar
by Latin Kingz4ever June 01, 2006
the worst fucking music. a disgrace. most rock fans make gay insults on rap music which are ALL based on STEREOTYPES. most rockers need to form a band, otherwise they can't play. one guy, while violently strumming the electric guitar, screams or bitches about life sucks as if they are the only ones who have it hard when they actually live a good lifestyle and most rappers grew up in the streets where the most danger is. another guy slams on the drums with no rhythm or beat. but i have to admit, the bass is a cool instrument. usually, the guitarist smashes his guitar after a concert, THEY DONT EVEN CARE FOR THE FUCKING INSTRUMENTS. and they form gay names for the band like "Nine Inch Nails" or "Jimmy Eat World", even "50 cent" is a better name. this music is usually played loudly
2 best frineds talking:

1st guy: want to listen to some rock?
2nd guy: no, i might go deaf, and besides, i dont feel like being disoriented
1st guy: yeah listen to niggers talking about sex violence and drugs!
2nd guy: *punches freind for being a stereotypical bastard*
1st guy: im not ur freind anymore!
2nd guy: just because of music? wow, what the fuck happened to america?
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxzy July 24, 2005
1.very noisy music
2.loud and mind killing
3.a real headache
white kids in suburbs play rock music in there garage.

white kids in suburbs often use the devil in thier rock music.

freaks with long hair playing guitars.

dudes are u ready to rock!?
by John July 30, 2004
Horrible music based on depression, and screaming. Not only that but the instruments sound like shit too. Many people who like rock are faggots who stay in there moms basement trying to make a "garage" band. Rockers are also close minded about the world around them. Thats why they're so depressed and angry all the time.
"Yeah rock on dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh 666666666666 down with the conformists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Thats a rap now lets go buy pink belts and tight shirts and complain about shit and act like dumbasses who wish they could be on Jackass."
by Damn crackers July 04, 2005
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