Although, born in the black community in the mid 40s, Rock was definetly not stolen from black people. Elvis had owed much of his music to black legends, but it was the British that brought us the rock music that we white people and even black people love to listen to. In the 1960s one band in the British Invasion has set the basis of Rock music of today, and it's not the Beatles. It's the Rolling Stones. From the Rolling Stones cam The Doors, then came Jimi Hendrix another pioneering black man who set the tone for the best rock of them all, hard rock. After Hendrix's traget death, and of Jim Moresson's death (The Doors)new hard rock bands were made. One who turned out to be the promising successor to Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and that band is Led Zeppelin baby! Another great band was form which is very different from the other bands, but it has a very talented singer who is known has Freddie Mercury, and guitarist Brian May, these two extrodenary men were in the extraordinary band Queen. The best rock band in my opinion. The late 60s, and the late 70s, 80s and up to the mid 90s were the Golden Age of this genere, which was split by the First Dark Age of Rock int he mid 70s (disco) and the Second (Pop, Hip hop, rap, alterntive, ect), and hopefully Hard Rock will prevail, but nobody can be as good as the orginal. By the way the black people practicually gived us rock, and the British had an entirely different form of Rock. Blacks went on to make Soul Music, Funk, and later Rap. Believe me, Rap does not rule me!
"Long live rock and roll! May the hand of God strike down all you rappers!
by SympathyForTheDevil May 04, 2004
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used to defeat scissors in a game
aha! my rock beat your scissors!
by iamthelead January 23, 2005
1: a form of cocaine
2: a basketall
3: a stone
4:a type of music
5: a fake ass wrestler
yo, pass that rock so i can shoot some hoops
by Stephanie February 20, 2004
Born in the south, evolved from blues. Pioneered by Chuck Berry, stolen by Elvis. Acheived perfection between '65 and '73. Died in the early 90's. The name is used to describe pop music marketed towards teenage males in modern times.
Nickleback is "modern" rock.
The beatles, the who, Led Zep, Hendrix, Berry etc. are REAL rock.
by Mark July 06, 2004
to use. to make do with. usually to great effect.
you don't need to make up the guest bed, we can rock the couch.


you rock that shirt pretty well.
by Merin October 09, 2002
1. (noun)Originally a form of black music as Jazz, Blues, etc. Adapted into white culture (*cough elvis stole it cough*)and tweeked to perfection. Has many different forms (emo, punk, metal, etc.) and is usually mistaken for satanic music. (you are a fucking retard if you think that)

2.(noun) Form of music with very deep lyrics and awesome guitar/bass riffs, bakced by drums. Lately it has been given a very bad name by people like Avril Livigne and other whiney folk who think just because they have a guitar in their hand and sing about how they broke their toe, went out with a sk8er boi, or lost their girlfriend five years ago make them fit to be in this genre. People like them are the reason 'rockers' are given suck a bad name.
3.(noun) Rocker-A person who enjoys rock. Is often mislabed, misunderstood, and picked on by illiterate morons who think our music sucks. Mean while they listen to music that all they talk about is "yo yo son nigger bitches and hoez madd bling bling" and have no personality of their own. Rockers are also called Punks. But labels are gay and should die. b)Often used to insult a person who enjoys rock music, some times followed by some idiot moaning "aahhhh rock onn duude"
Did you hear that new rock song witht he guy playing the guitar and singing about how sucky life is?<--it's a joke so shut up

Oohh you stupid rocker look at your green hair.<--based on stereotype
by Fellow Person April 08, 2004
Term used when a guy is unsuccessful in seducing a girl. Also known as the opposite of wheels.
Guy 1: Hey, you`re looking good today ;)
Girl 1: Fuck off
Guy 2: haha he just got rocked
by DeShaunCarterIV May 30, 2011
wide range of music, probably the largest class, involving guitars generally used to make a whole lotta noise. anyone that thinks rock is bad has no idea what rock is past whatever they saw on mtv.
i, wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day
by grisha July 16, 2003
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