the best music ever!!!!
u fuck bags r retarded. almost all rock isnt screaming and almost all rock isnt about a suckish life!ur mixing emo (softcore) with black metal/grindcore, etc with emo. that makes no sense at all. only black metal and some death metal is satanic. alomst all rock doesnt scream. rockers dont just bang instruments it takes talent; typically a shit load. its more complicated then u fuck tards think!!! rock differs ALOT. thers soft stuff and theres heavy stuff, screaming and singing. try browsing through rock on itunes, ull find a huge variety of rock. and if ur too stubborn to believe me, then go fuck a goat, and stop listening to rap/pop/hiphop/randb/techno, bitch!!
here r just a few rock bands/rockers(not all of them r good)

system of a down
cannibal corpse
the beatles
led zeppelin
elvis presley
jimi hendrix
cattle decapitation
green day
fall out boy(soft yet about how shitty their lives r)
pig destroyer(a rappers ONLY idea of rock, grindcore)
red hot chili peppers
linkin park(shitty band, but nevertheless, its rock)
black sabbath
the locust(grindcore)
iron maiden
deep purple
guns 'n' roses
cky(camp kill yourself)
johnny cash
less then jake
taking back sunday
def leappord
all american rejects
sex pistols
the used
ozzy osbourne
jimi hendrix experience
kiss, pink floyd and a fuck load more

if u dont like rock, then leave it alone and dont stereotype it.even the stuff that screams takes talent, all rock does. u gotta at least respect that.

p.s. rockers care about there instruments, they dont smash them. just cuz its wat u saw in a music video doesnt mean it happens in real life AND dudes with long hair arent freaks, almost no ones a freak; there just people who r different
by bob July 08, 2006
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used to defeat scissors in a game
aha! my rock beat your scissors!
by iamthelead January 23, 2005
1: a form of cocaine
2: a basketall
3: a stone
4:a type of music
5: a fake ass wrestler
yo, pass that rock so i can shoot some hoops
by Stephanie February 20, 2004
Born in the south, evolved from blues. Pioneered by Chuck Berry, stolen by Elvis. Acheived perfection between '65 and '73. Died in the early 90's. The name is used to describe pop music marketed towards teenage males in modern times.
Nickleback is "modern" rock.
The beatles, the who, Led Zep, Hendrix, Berry etc. are REAL rock.
by Mark July 06, 2004
to use. to make do with. usually to great effect.
you don't need to make up the guest bed, we can rock the couch.


you rock that shirt pretty well.
by Merin October 09, 2002
1. (noun)Originally a form of black music as Jazz, Blues, etc. Adapted into white culture (*cough elvis stole it cough*)and tweeked to perfection. Has many different forms (emo, punk, metal, etc.) and is usually mistaken for satanic music. (you are a fucking retard if you think that)

2.(noun) Form of music with very deep lyrics and awesome guitar/bass riffs, bakced by drums. Lately it has been given a very bad name by people like Avril Livigne and other whiney folk who think just because they have a guitar in their hand and sing about how they broke their toe, went out with a sk8er boi, or lost their girlfriend five years ago make them fit to be in this genre. People like them are the reason 'rockers' are given suck a bad name.
3.(noun) Rocker-A person who enjoys rock. Is often mislabed, misunderstood, and picked on by illiterate morons who think our music sucks. Mean while they listen to music that all they talk about is "yo yo son nigger bitches and hoez madd bling bling" and have no personality of their own. Rockers are also called Punks. But labels are gay and should die. b)Often used to insult a person who enjoys rock music, some times followed by some idiot moaning "aahhhh rock onn duude"
Did you hear that new rock song witht he guy playing the guitar and singing about how sucky life is?<--it's a joke so shut up

Oohh you stupid rocker look at your green hair.<--based on stereotype
by Fellow Person April 08, 2004
Term used when a guy is unsuccessful in seducing a girl. Also known as the opposite of wheels.
Guy 1: Hey, you`re looking good today ;)
Girl 1: Fuck off
Guy 2: haha he just got rocked
by DeShaunCarterIV May 30, 2011
wide range of music, probably the largest class, involving guitars generally used to make a whole lotta noise. anyone that thinks rock is bad has no idea what rock is past whatever they saw on mtv.
i, wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day
by grisha July 16, 2003
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