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A band from the U.K. best described as tecnopop. Some of their best know songs are 'Turn It Up', 'La Nuit', and 'DJ's Got A Gun'.
Person #1: I heard 'Turn It Up' on the radio yesterday.
Person #2: What band does that song?
Person #1 Robots In Disguise, duh!
by Salta August 20, 2006
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A british Alternative-Electro-Dance-punk duo composed of Dee Plume (vocals and guitar) and Sue Denim (vocals and bass). For their live shows they incorporate an aray of backing musicians. Although the band formed in London in 2000, they are currently based in Berlin. The band started out as an Electroclash band. And would stick by that genre for their first two albums (Robots in Disguise, Get RID!). By their third album (2008's We're in the Music Biz), the duo aimed themselves into a Dance-punk direction. The duo are, apart from their music, known for their own appearences on the british cult comedy show The Mighty Boosh. And have also perform at after shows for the Mighty Boosh's live performances. And performed at the Mighty Boosh festival in 2009. The duo are now recording a fourth album, which will probably be released in 2010.
Listening to We're in The Music Biz by Robots in Disguise. Favorite tracks from the album are I Don't Have a God and The Tears.
by RobotInDisguise October 13, 2009
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A TV with robots. Also a band comprised of Sue Denim and Dee Plume.
by Aiza March 31, 2003
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a group that consists of girls with crazy, colorful hair and were ONCE 'popular'. They pwn in a sense.
"Yo, BIZ NATCH buy the CD, u won't b disappointed"
by Limbo crimbo April 06, 2003
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