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2 definitions by Salta

Jynx: the only Pokemon in Nintendo's popular game series to be involved in a racism scandal due to the black color of it's face. A few of the anime episodes were banned and many were edited because of this. Nintendo promptly changed the color to purple. Some people use this word to describe Black women who act very stereotypical.
"I think she dresses like Aunt Jemima on purpose."
"What a Jynx!"
by Salta September 17, 2006
67 27
A band from the U.K. best described as tecnopop. Some of their best know songs are 'Turn It Up', 'La Nuit', and 'DJ's Got A Gun'.
Person #1: I heard 'Turn It Up' on the radio yesterday.
Person #2: What band does that song?
Person #1 Robots In Disguise, duh!
by Salta August 20, 2006
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