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the defacto term for sex with android robots and also lesser machines such as sextoys.
secretly their passion was robosex, and they engaged frequently in threesomes and most sexual activity with their favorite shiny lover, a sexy goth robot who's features, surfaces and postures were very life-like.
by Ralph Gaggern November 12, 2007
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Greg (Robot Voice): "Would you like to have Robosex?"

Yun Gee: "Yes Please."

Greg (Robot Voice): "Okay, let me look for the sex folder on my hard drive..."
by iPodsexfreak December 10, 2008
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The condition of robotically pursuing sex regardless the attractiveness of the pursued.
Bill totally tried to get on that fat chick. He's going robosex.
by Andrew The Chinese Mason July 31, 2006
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