Top Definition roh-boh-poo

1. A type of poo, or defecation, characterised by the initial urge to poo being quickly followed by the "point of no return" (aka turtle heading or touching cloth). The word is a concatenation of the prefix "robo-" (a slang term for robot) and the word "poo". The prefix "robo" is used as a reference to a quote from the 1987 science fiction movie "Robocop", where a dysfunctional robot named ED-220 uses the phrases "You have 20 seconds to comply" and "poo" which, in this case is the act of defecation.
Ian: So, I think we should head to the......oh, hang on.
Howler: What's up?
Ian: Be right back, I've need a robopoo.
Howler: Run for your life man.
by DraFt August 09, 2013

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