An expression used to convey that one is frustrated or stressed; also used when one is victorious or happy. Trademark of Ali H.
"Robble Robble Robble!"
by lalalalalalala01234 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
To talk without actually saying anything.
Stop the robble, and actually say something.
by jollymon August 30, 2006
To decisively mock and insult one or a large group of individuals. Can also project clear domination of one or several people in a group. To move to another location after defeating a nemesis or enemy.

Makes an excellent battle cry.

Frequently uttered while playing Halo and destroying another team by means of using a Warthog vehicle.
"We robbled on those silly bitches something fierce."

"After we robble on these trick-ass marks, we'll murk out to the bars..."

"Robble Robble!"
by Project Pat 1982 March 03, 2009
1.used in place of far more devious words
2. used several times in sequence to annoy someone
3. used when there is just nothing to say and you want to break the silence
1. When Jimmy told his son to wash the car, his son replied "Robble my knobble!"
2. "Robble robble robble robble robble..." etc.
3. An eerie silence filled the room, Jimmy did not like silence, so he shouted "Robble robble!"
by Ben Stoffer October 13, 2005
When you get pickpocketed by some skank in a hoodie.
Mate, i went to clown town and got robbled, im gonna have a class A shit fit.
by Carboy November 26, 2005
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