The name for those of us who belong to no current social group, such as Gangster, Goth, Rude boy, Hippy, etc.
Not a Gangster, Goth, Rude boy or Hippy.

by Joseph August 15, 2004
Anything that's hot might be referred to as a roaster. A proper curb cut may be referred to as a "roaster".
"hey man I hit that roaster coming down the hill, it was dialed."

"Dude, you got a roaster."
by nigglet4 July 10, 2006
A girl or woman who is hot. A play on "hottie", but a roaster is slightly hotter than the average hottie. To "roast" is to be a hottie.
Whoa, check her out---she's a real roaster!" Also as a verb: "she roasts!"
by witchdoc64 April 02, 2011

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