A tv show on MTV, that casts 7 people to live together on an RV and travel around the world and compete to win money and other prizes.
by indi July 29, 2003
MTV's own, origional creation. The show brings several young adults together, shoves them in a SUV and gives them difficult "missions" they must compleat to win prizes. This season, the only cool member of the road rules team, Abram was kicked off the show, do to a provoced attack at fat ass meanie, Donell.
Dude, lets not just sit around and do nothing, lets sit around and watch ROAD RULES!
by kate July 18, 2003
television show on mtv in which contestants do activities meant to test their physical and emotional endurance
last night on ROAD RULES abe got kicked off.
by bojangles July 31, 2003
Reality telivision show on MTv, a group of six people who travel in a small RV, go on "missions" to gain money or some other prize, fail two and someone gets sent home.

Or, just common sense rules of the road
Dude, I was just watching Road Rules, That mission was insane! I cant beleive they were burried alive!
by valerie July 30, 2003
A show on mtv, on which they pick a group of people to travel an area of the world together and complete missions
The new season of road rules is on crack
by kdawg July 09, 2003
a shitty played out show on MTV
fuck road rules
by CHICO July 30, 2003
A show on MTV that has gained popularity. People travel from one place to another completing missions and earning pieces of a crest, tattoo, etc., and when they do they earn a prize.
Dude, did you see the new episode of road rules last night?
by HeyHeyHey July 27, 2003
A show on MTV where a bunch of people go on these extreme trips and have to do stunts or they won't get their "hansom reward"

p.s. GIRLS some of they GUYS are HOTT!!! watch it!!
Did you see road rules last night? it rocked!!
by WhiteGirlWithaGHETTOazz August 01, 2003

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