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a)rules put in place to protect people who can't drive.
b) Rules put in place to annoy people who can drive
Damn that new 40km in streets road rule!
by Da Docta July 18, 2003
0 0
An insane creation that the Yuppies of MTV bestowed apon mankind in order for them to relive their childhoods or masturbate to the stupid co-eds they choose to participate in their disturbing planned "reality show" in which these co-eds travel across the world doing pointless missions to win a bunch of pointless crap that is given to them for the sole purpose of corporate advertisement.
by tmarsh86 July 20, 2003
57 17
20 year olds fighting over who ate the last fig newton....
"who ate the last fig newton? you have dissrepected me, my mother, and my whole family."
by Kym July 16, 2003
73 45
1)When you're in a different area code you are technically single- when adhering to road rules.2) What goes on on the road stays on the road
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
47 25
The Real World's bastard step-brother. Only half as entertaining, but just as worthless.
by Ninja Disaster July 18, 2003
43 32
Another mistake that MTV aires to appease the losers that watch this crap.
Person 1: wanna watch some road rules?

Person 2: nah, I'd rather go help my grandpa wax his pubes.
by The Unsilent Majority July 13, 2003
9 2
an MTV show where people travel around in a crowded bus thang and complete missions for prizes and if they fail they vote sum1 off
I'm finna go watch road rules since aint nothin else on.
by Mizz Dymepiece aka Jasmine July 31, 2003
14 8
stupid white show on mtv where they put 6 white people and let them win lots of prizes and money
road rules sucks
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
18 13