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Being "roached-up" means to be living in close confines, or to be living with another person, or people, with very little extra room or space. Hillbillies are often "roached-up" in trailer parks. Porch monkeys can often be found "roached-up" in a project. Typically, the people who are "roached-up" don't live with a very high standard of living. Rather they live like cockroaches, form which the phrase is derived.
1. Look at those hillbillies roached-up in that old school bus. I'm not sure which structure is the chicken coop!

2. Those niggers are roached-up in the ghetto. Lets avoid that neighborhood so that we don't get capped in a drive-by shooting.
3. The young college kids roached-up in a dorm room and played on-line computer games. It is good to see them getting full value for their college education!
by Rook's Buddy June 08, 2010
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