noun - a device used to put a roach in to take your high to a new level...typiaclly makers of the device use a lighter to burn 2 round shaped hole to fit your roach in the other for a carb you stick your roach in one hole your finger covering the carb remove top of water bottle light roach and suck wind

prepare to ride the roach rocket to outer space

-disclaimer- unfortunally do to the new "eco friedly" water bottles suction is more diffucuist requires a larger carb and virtauly no air to enter the bottle difficult but do able
tom : yo clip thats shit and shove it in the roach rocket
paul: ight son you ready to fly
tom :ight son lets raise up i dont think we can get much higher but we out
paul: dippen like a frog
paul: shit son were folded like napkins
tom: you konwwww ittt
by Paulmagic March 05, 2008
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