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'run like hell'. Basically, an faster way for a noob to cry to his noob-friends.
"rlh!!! rlh!!!!"
"BOOM headshot!"
by noobsauce January 21, 2006
RLH can also stand for Real Life Hacks. This is used whenever someone does something incredible in REAL LIFE as in not on the computer.
Person one does a perfect back flip while avoiding getting hit by a rolling trashcan

Person two shouts: I CALL REAL LIFE HACKS!

(If it's on the internet and the video is not edited, person two may say "RLH" or "I call RLH".)
by Ga'hoolian Owl May 27, 2011
a ghetto school full of dumb kids who fuck each other all the time.the school is crusty and needs to be torn down.
peopole in the school just fuck around and dont care about anything.
1.I went to RLHS and now i work at McDonalds

2. I went to RLHS and i work at Childrens Memorial Hospital
by Kelsey & Raychel January 02, 2008
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