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1. one who gives up california surfing for blue balls surfing rivers in Canada in the winter
2. one who would know about kayaking girls with herpes
"Calgary Blue" AKA "blue balls" is a river surfer extraordinaire, because he surfs river waves in the Canadian Rockies all winter.
by Paul Calgary Blue December 07, 2006
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1) One who surfs river waves on a board. In winter too. In Canada in the winter even.
2) Knows all about kayaker girls with std's (see definition: Kayaker)
3) often comes from southern california to get blue balls.
4) finds the standing position most satisfactory, sitting is for taking a shite.
Dude did you see that river surfer catch that wave? He got std's from those kayaker girls. It's -20C out, his balls must be shrunk by now.
by CalgaryBlue December 07, 2006
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