Racist term, often used by rednecks in the Port Alberni area, to describe First Nations peoples. It must be stressed that anyone using this term is promoting prejudice and hatred among members of the community. Racists attempt to cover their own insecurities, and to elevate their own social status, by subsequently putting down--scapegoating--another racial group (usually a group who has been historically persecuted/ disadvantaged). According to bullying expert, Barbara Coloroso, "Bullying is a learned behaviour. If it can be learned, it can be examined, and it can be changed". It is imperative that rednecks who use the term "River Chimp" begin to examine WHY they feel insecure / threatened in their social position as white males in the Alberni Valley. Racism expert, Reginald Newkirk, describes racism as "a scourge that is eroding the soul of North America", and continues to state that "racism is essentially a psychological, emotional, and spiritual distorder affecting all Americans in varying degrees".

For more information on overcoming prejudice and hate, please google 'Pyramid of Hate' , where you'll find that the use of the term 'River Chimp' fits into step 3 out of 5 towards full-blown genocide.

To begin to stop using racist terms, like River Chimp, it is important for Port Alberni rednecks to internalize the "reality of the oneness of humankind" (Newkirk).
The Port Alberni redneck said, "Hey look at those river chimps swimming in the river". His redneck friends guffaw and drink yet another Lucky.
by OrangeBridge August 13, 2009
Top Definition
Term used to describe natives in port alberni who always dive off this concrete block located next to the orange bridge
WHOA. Look at all those drunk river chimps, they really shouldn't be swimming
by lastlink June 13, 2010

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