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The lucky bastard who-with no regard for skill-uses sheer ignorance and luck to snag a killer hand on the river.

Protip: Facebook poker serves to reward such behaviour.
guy: AK
river bitch: 32
-flop AK3-
river bitch: all in
guy: call
-flop AK373-
guy: fucking river bitch
by bobmarleyz May 22, 2009
A river bitch is a poker term to describe a player who folds, or gives up their hand, on the river or the last card shown for the community cards in Texas Hold 'Em. Normally if they are the first to act they will check and will have a hand where they didn't know if they wanted to stay in or give up their hand.

Poker players are likely to be river bitches if they are very conservative players and don't bet much at a given time. River bitches in some cases will want to avoid showing their cards after the betting round after the river if they think their opponent(s) has a better hand.
Jake, stop being such a river bitch! That's the 8th time you've folded on the river tonight.
by Sid Barrett August 06, 2007


a. a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman, who lives in the Riverbanks at Tributary New Manchester.

b. a lewd woman who lives in the Riverbanks at Tributary New Manchester.

c. DISPARAGING AND OFFENSIVE. any woman who lives in the Riverbanks at Tributary New Manchester.
1. That River bitch let's her dog roam wild and shit all over the neighborhood.

2. Mrs. Miller is a huge river bitch.

3. That river bitch turns on her hazard lights when driving in the rain.

4. River bitch constantly parks her monstrosity of a vehicle in the cross-walk overnight obstructing the view of people driving and pedestrians trying to cross the street.
by Horse of a different color September 14, 2011
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