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1. a stupid white boy with a girl fro and a gay green honda who thinks he is a mexican badass. a guy who thinks he can fight, but is really a pussy and has his "boyz" fight his battles for him. a guy who can't speak proper English and sometimes not even completing sentences that even make sense. someone who feels up his girlfriend, and starts huge fights online with people who refuse to be his friend, and to prove his nonexistant masculinity. someone who needs approval from everyone around him. all talk and no action. you could call him a dick, if he even had one.

2. a very catchy dance used by these guys' ex girlfriends to make fun of them

3. another variation of Ricardo, the mexican name for Richard, combined with their character analysis: retard
Ricardo: "tellin uz 2 gO learn hOw 2 speak englishh nigga... Haha mayne yu white nd yu cnt speak ur Own language. U stupid. While u go to the parkn lot and I drive to tere."

Normal Person: "...are you a ritardo?"
by apitcher13 August 15, 2010
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