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Abrasions on the side of the neck that US Army Paratroopers may sometimes get as the result of their parachute risers coming into contact with their neck during the deployment of their parachute.

This is experienced mainly by inexperienced jumpers who don't know to keep their chin on their chest when they exit an aircraft, or by badasses who like to look up to actually watch their parachute canopy as it deploys and opens and don't mind a little riser burn in order to do that.
>> What the fuck, Airborne? Is that riser burn on your neck or some kind of fucking eczema?

>> What, this? Oh no, your mom left those bite marks all over my neck, now shut the fuck up before I fuck your sister, puke on your girlfriend, and fistfuck you in the ass around the PT track while I sing cadence, you cherry fucking homo.
by ABN_PMPN505 June 18, 2011

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