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synonym of dipset. to leave from somewhere when you get bored from what is going on.
I'm hella bored; let's ripset
by a_renner December 10, 2008
1.) A fake gang wanna be's that CLAIM to rep dewey
2.) Ugly children that will never be a gang in the eyes of anyone but their little sisters
3.) Showering is a no-no
4.) Contact froopy5989lnf for further inquiries =]

love Dewey ave =]
<3 <3 :-*
?: What are you gay?
answer: DEF!!! i enjoy the penile organ on a semi- to bi weekly basis =] bc i am in R.I.P. Set. please inqurire for further details, you see me i see you, Cmo,
(see's alot less)
by Penile December 05, 2007
Ripset- Practically the same meaning as the phrase "dipset" with the addition of being high.
Nick: "Sweet now that we just hit this bong we're ready to go to the sporting event! We're dipset."

Pat: "Correction my friend, we are now ripset. Holler!"
by TheIllinointed1 January 30, 2010
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