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A person who claims to be successful at life, even though he is a downy.
That real life janitor who hides behind his computer pretending to be rich is a total rippah.
by idk January 20, 2005
a party with a large variety of drugs that takes place in a shed.
"That was a good rippah last night." "Yeah, I got wicked crunk."
by gimike October 01, 2006
(n) Boston or New-England based eye-dialect for the term 'ripper', referring to a large party where it is assumed that party-goers will become intoxicated and out of control; a party that will be remembered for the damage done to objects, reputations, and livers
My boy Fred threw this wicked rippah at his folks' house and some chowdahead got thrown through the pool-house window!
by Moss Herder June 05, 2014
a fine ass girl that you wanna hit from da back
"look at dat booty on dat rippah"
by SouthSideSavages August 10, 2007