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This is the epitamy of clubbing, drug abuse, sexual action and overall life threatening actions. Literally taking everything to the next level.
"Remember that girl, Gmabino rip it sick"Joey snorted coke, went through it, rip it sick all night long". "DJ Richie Rydell rip it sick all night". "Yo Mikey rip it sick 120mph down the Parkway in his Camaro"
by bbildakid August 23, 2008
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clubbing dangerous drinking drug abuse sex
1)term used for ripping it up on the dance floor...
battle dancing ...
2) a d.j ripping up a song...or set
1)yo i ripped it sick last night at (name of club)
2)yo j.p ripped it sick... to gti
by sfmar May 01, 2005
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