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legendary club in hells kitchen ny...
those who went remeber it as an experiance you will never forget...
sf= mad memories...home
by sfmar May 01, 2005
when consuming too much special k (ketamine)...you fall into this thing where your awake and know whats going on but cant move or do anything...it can last from 5 min-2 hrs
yoo i did like 4 jars last night i couldnt move for like an hour...k-holes suck
by sfmar May 01, 2005
one of the best house music d.j.s ....known the most for spinning in the legendary sound factory
you j.p ripped it sick last... he did a 24 hr set
by sfmar May 01, 2005
1)Ketamine; usually snorted, if consumed in small amount makes you feel drunk and happy,if taken in a big amount puts you in a k-hole
i was doing bumps of k all night last night... everything felt mad weird
by sfmar May 01, 2005
1)term used for ripping it up on the dance floor...
battle dancing ...
2) a d.j ripping up a song...or set
1)yo i ripped it sick last night at (name of club)
2)yo j.p ripped it sick... to gti
by sfmar May 01, 2005
someone who's bugging out from tina... (crystal meth)
We be tweakin like every single weekend
by sfmar May 01, 2005

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