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Worthless, badly made, cheap, non-functioning crap, broke down, shitty, the opposite of bling
That rinky-dink car my ex left me ain't worth crap.
by mruptownman October 08, 2010
17 1
Small, of little worth, something that has had little time, money and energy invested into it.
That new recording studio is a real rinky dink operation.
by the other theo June 28, 2004
134 24
A small, undesirable object
Look! A Rinky-Dink house !
by James Doe December 05, 2004
29 6
A guy who has a small penis would be known as a "rinky dink"

A word that describes a boy with a small penis
"Hey Katie how was your night with Greg?"

"We had sex, but I didn't feel it because he has a rinky dink."

"Wow that sucks, don't want no short dick man"
by Cleveralex March 27, 2014
0 1
Name given to the style of music played by Jools "I love myself" Holland on his late-night show.
"Tune in same time next week for some more rinky-dinky entertainment!"
by Lewis1983 June 02, 2005
4 10
Rinky-Dink is the average gamer's toy name for nintendo's mascot Link}.As seen in many British Nintendo fanboy magazines.
Some Nintendo magazine: "Rinky-Dink is rearin' to go kick ass in a new fast paced game, the Legend Of Zelda: Pure Awesome"
by Chocozai May 08, 2005
5 12
to do something sexual on the floor.
I am going to rinkydink your mom.
by Eric Torn June 24, 2008
3 11