n. An aimless, poorly attired miscreant.
"Downtown's nuthin but hella rinky dink crackheads."
by Pecan Pie April 30, 2004
Top Definition
Small, of little worth, something that has had little time, money and energy invested into it.
That new recording studio is a real rinky dink operation.
by the other theo June 28, 2004
A small, undesirable object
Look! A Rinky-Dink house !
by James Doe December 05, 2004
Worthless, badly made, cheap, non-functioning crap, broke down, shitty, the opposite of bling
That rinky-dink car my ex left me ain't worth crap.
by mruptownman October 08, 2010
Name given to the style of music played by Jools "I love myself" Holland on his late-night show.
"Tune in same time next week for some more rinky-dinky entertainment!"
by Lewis1983 June 02, 2005
Rinky-Dink is the average gamer's toy name for nintendo's mascot Link}.As seen in many British Nintendo fanboy magazines.
Some Nintendo magazine: "Rinky-Dink is rearin' to go kick ass in a new fast paced game, the Legend Of Zelda: Pure Awesome"
by Chocozai May 08, 2005
A guy who has a small penis would be known as a "rinky dink"

A word that describes a boy with a small penis
"Hey Katie how was your night with Greg?"

"We had sex, but I didn't feel it because he has a rinky dink."

"Wow that sucks, don't want no short dick man"
by Cleveralex March 27, 2014
to do something sexual on the floor.
I am going to rinkydink your mom.
by Eric Torn June 24, 2008
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