To just not giving a flying f***

Someone who just doesn't care about anything

Coach: You guys think you don't give a f***? Come see me in 1998! I was the ringmaster of not giving a f***!

Teacher: You know what, I don't care. I'll just bang out the detentions. You think it's funny? I'll hit you with one from over here. It'll reach.

Jimmy: Wow, what a ringmaster.

I have so much homework but I'm just too much of a ringmaster to do it.
by floydfan February 12, 2009
Comes from the term 'ring' (the asshole), and combines it with -master. Directly related to 'assmaster'.
A derogatory term in which you would refer to somebody if they are a homosexual, or Joshua O'Nial.
Josh: No, you're gay.
Jono: Fuck up you dirty ringmaster.

Person 1: Why is that kid riding a scooter?
Person 2: He's probably going to grow up to be a ringmaster.
by JefferyBahds May 21, 2012
The master of all things anal. Akin to "Beast Master".
Dick gave his girlfrien Jane, the title of "Ring Master", as she was the only one who could tickle his prostate with her tongue.
by Davo66 September 18, 2003
An individual who chooses cell phone ringtunes that do not typically reflect his/her outward appearance. In the wild, RingMasters can be found in movie theatres, libraries, shopping malls and other public places where inappropriate monotone music would be an anomaly and therefore initiate awkward stares and giggles.
Eyeing her from across the room, Benjamin straightened his tie and mustered the courage to approach Catherine and introduce himself. As he began to speak, his cell phone began playing “Promiscuous Girl” at volume level 9 signalling to Catherine that this Ringmaster was not what he seemed.
by Bob Zouganaugh October 15, 2006
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