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One's anus.
Calling someone an anus.
"I hang a fat shit and now my ringhole is stinging."
"Oi ringhole, fuck off!"
by Diego August 17, 2003
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A Chicago Gay bar that existed in the early 70's. This bar encouraged rim ridding*, shaft mastering, and ball burying in the alley behind the bar usually after 2am.

Though a gay bar and rather annoying for hetero's in the area they had some pretty fuckin good chicken wings that were basted with a creamy dill sauce, or so they said.
Stephis - Hey you up for a little "Ring Hole" tonight?

Lance - "I'm outta there at 1:30 though."

Stephis - "I'm staying til three at least...they said they wanted to see if I could push bricks tonight"

Lance - "Your fuckin' gay"

Stephis - "No Shit"
by dangchicago April 16, 2009
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steph is such a ring hole
by shakeyyyyyy March 07, 2009
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the thing which i wiped a medi swab on, which was extremely painful, considering its 70% Isopropyl alcohol, never again....ok, i know i will again......dammit, i never learn
hey, wack out a medi swab and wipe ur ringhole with it, its fun
by normwah April 07, 2003
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