When you get a can of dip(smokeless tobacco), and literally line your mouth with it. It should take no less than half a can of dip.

When you put it all in your mouth, it feels like a ring of fire around your mouth.

It is said that you can't successfully do it without throughing up.
Adam tried the ring of fire and threw up 6 times.
#skoal #cope #copenhagen #huskie #ring of fire #ring #fire #mouth
by Whittaker Crest June 06, 2007
a homosexual circle fuck around a fire
George Bush started the famous Ring of Fire when he got 30 gaymen to fuck eachother in a circle around the camo fire
#gay #fag #slut #cunt #dick
by Mr. Legs January 23, 2010
a perpetual ring of simultaneous rape, where participants are forced to feast on curry and laxatives no more than 8 hours prior to a circle of justice.
ten men are charged for murder, their punishment is to participate in a ring of fire, which consists of the convicted being force fed laxatives and hot curry before participating in a circle of justice
#circle of justice #rape #perpetual rape #circle #judiciary system #judicial system #judge judy #simultaneous rape
by vinniefuckingsoprano March 03, 2008
An extreme burn in the anus from friction from having butt sex without lube or a condom.
Damn, I think I gave that chick a ring of fire last night.
#anal burn #cool sensation #ring o' fire #lubed #unprotected butt sex
by JDM_ist November 10, 2005
A shitty ultimate team disgracing the Triangle of NC.
No bigger punks & losers exist than those Ring of Fire boys.
#ring #fire #ultimate #frisbee #suck
by sotg March 10, 2006
the pubic hair of a red head chick
dude, maureen should shave, she has a ring of fire around her pussy.
#firecrotch #redhead #ginger #fire #ring
by larry122 April 22, 2006
When bored and lighting farts without underwear on when you get suck back and it burns your piece you have a ring of fire
Call someone 'ring of fire' if they do this.
by Rory March 31, 2003
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