The after-effects of a skittery shit post-curry eating. The skin around the anus becomes hot and nippy. The sufferer feels extreme fear of the pain if they need to revisit for a second round of skitters.
Man has just left local curry house and has partaken a VERY hot Vinda Loo! He has been in the loo for about half an hour and shouts to his wife "I'm neva goin Indian again i have a ring of fire!!!"
by charbrad73 November 24, 2009
Haviing anal sex, using a condom covered in BenGay or Icy Hot, with a former partner that has cheated on you. After ejaculation you slap them in the face with the condom, and tell them to leave.
My Ex-girlfriend came back the other night, so i gave her the ring of fire, and told that bitch to leave.
by Mike January 25, 2005
The burning feeling in the anus after taking a dump, after consuming chile or other spicy foods.

See also: Gringo Butt
I'm going to have Gringo Butt tomorrow, after eating all these jalapenos.
by bolder jesster January 18, 2005
a redhead's vagina
Dude, I fell into her ring of fire last night. It was awesome.
by Captain Klamydia January 26, 2009
Five friends sit in a circle with a handle of vodka or similar hard alcohol. The song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash is cued up to play. As the song plays, the bottle is passed from person to person, each taking huge swigs. The goal is to be finished with the handle by the time the song is over. The song is 2:30.
Yeah we did Ring of Fire last night. I woke up and I was covered in puke.
by Nathan Kosonov January 24, 2008
What you call your anus when having explosive gas and/or diarrhea.

The feeling you get when your hemorriods become inflammed.
When you feel a flamming fart that singes your anus as it leaves the anal cavity.
by Amber & Tiffany March 13, 2004
1.People who take the weight loss aid alli will have almost artistic oil deposits that acquire in the toilet. If not cleaned properly or immediately these oily deposits will form a circle on the outer water line that resembles: a ring of fire
2. The same oily discharge that happens that acquires around your anus.

3. The painful sensation in your anus that goes hand in hand with taking alli
I can still see the ring of fire you left behind in the toilet.
by jonnydeefus October 21, 2009

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