An alternate universe, usually fabricated, in which those who created it flesh out their most desired past, present, or future events. May include romantic entanglements and/or sexual themes. One or more of the creators is visible through most viewing moments, in a reflected (though adjusted for alternate reality) state.
This alternate reality may be tapped into through Role Playing.
Intimate knowledge of the goings on in said universe must be present in all persons for playing to succeed.
Creator 1: Hey... wanna ring?
Creator 2: Hell yes!!
by Draith March 30, 2005
Top Definition
The Anus or Rectum.
Lick my ring.
by Bear January 23, 2003
The act of calling somebody on a telephone. Derived of the sound the telephone makes when somebody is calling it.
Yo man, give me a ring when you get home.
by IceWarm February 18, 2004
We wants it, we needs it.
We must have the precious ring.
They stole it from us.
Sneaky little editorses.
Wicked, tricksy, false!
by Mister Cookie October 29, 2012
that part of the arse that is favoured by the arsebandit
I had a curry last night and my ring is now on fire
by Buhler January 30, 2005
A piece of jewelry one wears on their finger. Also a word urban dictionary kids use as an excuse to write something completely unrelated to the word. See: sexual.
"Hey guys! Let's write a completely sexual definition of a word that isn't sexual such as RING!"

Other example: Curtains: Wow, I could fuck you by those curtains.
by Blueberry26 December 04, 2007
ring around your ass
let me get that ring
by 420 hash November 30, 2010
one sick minded, horrible person. who even when your a million miles away from her you can still feel her
Mag: hay did you see her last night she was like soo 'Ring'
by Ringlly December 10, 2009
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